Healthy Life IV


Live the Healthy Life



Lactated Ringer’s or Sodium Chloride 0.9% (500-1000ml)

Pyridoxine 100mg/ml – 1ml – B6 is key to the immune system as it also plays a role in producing white blood cells and T cells. These are key regulators in our immune response. B6 also helps the body make IL-2 which directs WBC activity.

Magnesium – 1000mg added to IV bag. Highly recommed to add it to IV – Magnesium chloride has a neuroprotective effect specifically in patients with brain injury. Magnesium is a cofactor for intracellular processes. It is used in enzymatic reactions and helps with our body’s energy supply. Also helps with relaxation and blood pressure and stress.

Add on:

Glutamine 25mg/ml – 1ml dilute 1:5ml NS/LR slow push.

B Plex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 100-2-100-2-2mg/ml) – 1ml IM or dilute 1:5 NS LR and slow push. Depending on the pH of the Bplex there can be precipitation with other additives, please visually check for particles. A blend of B Vitamins help to increase metabolism as cofactors for metabolizing carbs, fats and proteins. They support the immune system, red and white blood cell production, energy levels, cardiovascular health, inflammation, and more.

Acetaminophen – 1000mg oral. If no liver complications – Analgesic

Consult required for:

Ondansetron 1mg/ml – Consult required. Dose per provider.add to bag or slowly push over 2 to 5 min

Ketorolac – Consult required. 15mg/ml or 30mg/ml Dose per provider.

Disclaimer: No magnesium in pregnancy/nursing, do not give Bplex more than 2 times per month