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Getting an IV treatment from Healthy Life IV is a safe and effective way to enhance nutrition and speed up recovery. Whether you are a top level athlete or just in need of a boost for your day, contact us to learn more about our medically supervised IV treatments.


Healthy Life IV offers IV treatments that are supervised by medical professionals and requires a tele-health consultation and appointment before scheduling.

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10% Discount for Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and other First Responders

Benefits to IV Therapy

Get Nutrients Quickly

Receive hydration and nutrients from the IV treatment easily from the fluids. The most popular mixture of nutrients have been administered since the 1970s. Our treatments are administered by medical professionals and your treatment is supervised the entire time.

Safe for Digestive Issues

IV therapies are also a great way to be able to get nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for people who may experience digestive issues from taking supplements that have to travel through your digestive system.

Feel Benefits Quickly

While traditional supplements and treatments often have to travel through your body’s entire system before you feel better, IV therapies infuse vitamins, nutrients, and other vital compounds directly into your bloodstream, allowing your body to absorb them quickly and for you to feel the benefits sooner than traditional treatments.

IV Treatments

Meet Dr. Marcie Leeds

As a child, Dr. Marcie Leeds was an actress in Hollywood for many years, traveling and meeting all walks of life. After being in Hollywood, she decided that she wanted to be able to change the world and help people on a more personal level. After going to medical school and completing a surgical residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and being trained in trauma and general surgery, Dr. Leeds understood the importance of being healthy, being able to heal, and having energy to do the things that you want to do every day.

After being in practice for almost 10 years, Dr. Leeds decided she wanted to bring health and education to people in home. With the way the world is changing so rapidly and the constant threat of disease and uncertainty, being healthy today is of the utmost importance.

Healthy life IV provides choices for improvement in health and well being, and, the best part: we come to you! In the comfort of your own home we can help to give you the energy you need to feel your best with our IV hydration therapy. We have a wide array of choices in our menu, please take a look and see what best suits you! If you have any questions please feel free to chat with a specialist! Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you!